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Linda is the financial director of Skills Unlimited and is passionate about fulfilling her position and responsibility. Linda is well known from an early age in her career for implementing financial strategies and systems to manage businesses more effectively.

Linda is dynamic in helping people to know their unique potential and strengths and how to overcome adversity. She is exited to work with others to create nourishing workplaces and environments that increase wellbeing for individuals and their organization. She like to work in the domains of positive and cognitive psychology, brain science, wellbeing and emotions.

Linda speaks at woman’s conferences, universities (Unisa) and schools helping individuals through Neuroscience coaching and how to prepare for the workplace and also how to present themselves successfully by applying their strengths.

In her free time, she likes to help people with their spiritual DNA by doing image classes, and fashion updates to empower and uplift woman and aid them in their self-worth and in self-realization, to help them with Narrative therapy creating their stories and to showcase their strengths, to live according to their unique design and purpose. Linda co-labors with God and give Him the honor for all life achievements and well-being.

Linda serves and love her family and is especially fond of nature, animals and architecture.

International Qualified Image Consultant – CMB Image Consultants Color and Style analysis, Woman of color.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Practitioner and Profiles:
Unique neurological wiring, Self-awareness, Interpersonal communication, managing stress for mental wellness, Resilience, Social and team cohesion, Diversity and multiculturality – Neuro Link and Sacap.

Brian Profile Practitioner and Learning Specialist: LRP-Toolbox, LRP-Toolkit and LRP Advanced – Neuro-Link.

Neuroscience Coaching:
Neurophysiology, Psychophysiology and Coaching – Enterprises University of Pretoria, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Psychology and Counselling) anticipate mid 2021.

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