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We are dedicated to bringing education and training through skills development to every area in South Africa, with a renewed and fresh model of community care and upliftment in an attempt to restore people’s self-respect and dignity.

Skills Unlimited are reaching out to others regardless of race, class or gender, and breaking through the walls of separation that have prevented us from becoming complete. Together we are building a dream of destiny.

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What our Clients Say

Dear Desré,

The past two days on course with you as our moderator has reference.
Your course was really well presented, and I must applaud you for keeping us riveted for 2 days. Your knowledge of your subject and your interesting background over the years kept us all spellbound.
All of us really learnt a lot and loads of changes will be proposed from next week, when Ivano and Anja is back – trust me ( us 😊 ) Again, a big thank you for hosting us – we will also miss the lunches and your hospitality!

– Cassie Nel, Base Manager & Air Safety Officer

What our Clients Say

In the first weekend of my training 2 of the learners that were trained had to do for the first time First Aid on a boy that were in car accident and a girl that were choking , see the two letters that they wrote. I feel very proud that they safe a life and could do what they were learned. And realise that how important and helpful the training were. End of my training they done a Farwell party that mean a lot to me.

– Thessen

What our Clients Say

Learners collect money and the last day of training they gave it to me to buy snacks and drinks for myself on the long road home. Same of the learners got so emotional when I learn them of from the important things in first Aid because family members past a way, and did not no how to help them but with the training it will be better and can be of help next time.

– Umpuluzu

What our Clients Say

Every day of training I spend time with learners in the PG Bison bus from and to the training centre and back and it mean a lot to them. They start and end the days training by singing Gospel songs. On my last day with the learners 2 of the learners Male and Female done a speech to thank me for what I have learn them .It was so heart broken words that mean a lot to me and also remember.

– Ugie

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