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Here you can find a summary of our courses

Non-aligned Courses

Short Courses:
Anti-retroviral Therapy, Guide to Healthy Lifestyle, Advanced Customer Care, and more…

Unit Standard Courses

Aligned Courses:

First Aid, ABET, Fire Fighting and more…

Short Courses Unit Standard Aligned

Chainsaw Basics

Unit Standard Aligned

Chainsaw Advanced

Unit Standard Aligned

Brush Cutter

Unit Standard Aligned

Fire Suppression Basics

Unit Standard Aligned

Firefighting Full Course

Unit Standard Aligned

First Aid and HIV Training Level 1 & 2

Unit Standard Aligned

Productivity for Supervisors Level 2, (Customized)

Unit Standard Aligned

Supervisor Program Entry Level

Unit Standard Aligned up to Level 2

Unit Standard Aligned Courses

First Aid

Basic Safety in the Work Place


Plan and Manage Time in the Workplace

Environmental Awareness

Business Ethics in the Workplace

The Individual's Role in Business

Operate in a Team

Fire Fighting

HIV/AIDS Program

Full Learnership

Lumber Milling Qualifications Level 1 - 4

Forestry Qualifications Level 1 - 4

Wood Preservation Level 1 - 3

Chipboard Manufacturing Level 1 - 3

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