Implementation of learnership training in forestry and wood products

Consultation in training the environment

Skills Unlimited has accreditation for 14 different full qualifications ranging from Lumber Milling, Forestry, Wood Preservation and Chipboard operations. We grant ourselves as specialists in the implementation of Learnerships.

Many companies have experienced that they are thrown into the deep end when it comes to training. Our consultation process informs our client on how to implement different training interventions. We have several success stories regarding training interventions and turn around strategies, where we use training as a vehicle to change the culture and attitude of companies.

Social Corporate Investment Investors

Learner Readiness Assessments (ELSA)

- The company has been involved in identifying self sustainable projects in the rural areas of South Africa. We bring Corporate companies and Communities together and facilitate training interventions in order to build capacity in communities and get them self-sufficient and ready for the labour market.

Before enrolling an employee for a bursary , or a specific program – the company wants to be sure that the Learner would cope with the program. ELSA is an instrument that is used to establish a Learner’s ABET/NQF level for Numeracy and Literacy. Before spending money on a candidate – DO THE ELSA. This instrument is also used before Learnership interventions and even as a screening tool for new applicants applying to work for companies

Brain Profile Based Leadership Training (Neurolink™ – mid management and higher levels)

Assessor Outsourcing

Neuro Leadership is the new buzzword in Leadership training. Skills Unlimited are proud partners of Neuro-Link. All entrants first do a brain profile and training in the different components are then done within the individuals’ brain preference. It also contains an Emotional intelligence module with a difference. Big Corporates like, SASOL, TOYOTA, PG Bison and the Auditor General are constantly using this program with huge successes. Please refer to the tab on “Leadership” for more information regarding this fantastic program.

Skills Unlimited has different Subject matter experts in the FP&M SETA environment. With a firm Service Level Agreement – we can outsource our SME’s in order to get learners signed off.


External Moderator Function

Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) Services - Skills Audits, Skills Gap Analysis, WSP, ATR

All our external moderator work that we have done has never been referred back after Verifications. We are very thorough. In the event that a project is not approved – a full report is given in order to do mentoring and fix possible mistakes in order to pass Verification. We pride ourselves by going the extra mile.

For companies that are new entrants – we also offer Skills Development Facilitator services. This includes meeting with the Training and EE committees and the compilation of the ATR. Once again, our companies have never been denied their Mandatory grants. We also have a good system in place for companies that have a need for establishing their Skills Gaps, and training needs analysis.

Forensic Training Project Auditing

Assessor, Moderator and SDF training

Unfortunately the world is not a perfect place and training providers and individuals posing as training providers get off with companies, and SETA’s money. We have the skills to do an audit and provide companies and SETA’s with a comprehensive report on training that has been done as well as the Learners involved. Outstanding training that is still needed, and of course training that was completed. With this information it is easy to do a comparison of what the company has lost due to such an unfortunate event.

Skills Unlimited is also Accredited Providers with the ETDP SETA and are accredited to provide the Assessor program, SAQA ID number 115753, and the Moderator program SAQA ID number 115759. Groups as small as 6 Learners per class can be accommodated. Training can take place anywhere in South Africa ON SITE.

Training Provider Accreditation Agents

Pre -Verification Assistance

Skills Unlimited is bringing its 10 years of experience to the table. We have assisted huge companies with their provider accreditation. We prefer to do the whole process including an individualised Quality Management System (QMS). Many agents deliver a generic document which will be rejected by the SETA when provider accreditation is done. We sit down with companies and develop the different Policies and procedures as per the individual company. Our Material design department can also assist in the development of material and if you have a subject matter expert available – we can do the development of any Unit Standards. We will also provide you with the SETA ETQA required documents as well as Learner guides, Workbook, Memorandums, Formative and summative assessments and their memorandums, program strategies and alignment documents.

Our CEO has been operating as an independent Verifier for the FP&M SETA. Our ten years in the industry and our experience make us the ideal company to contact if you want to be sure that you pass your verification. We can Pre-verify your Moderated project and consult you on probable shortfalls so that the verification process runs smoothly and does not become a dreaded nightmare, that could cost you dearly.



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